Metabolic Stress in Dairy Cows

As a result of genetic improvement and developments in mangement practices, dairy cows are capable of yielding prodigious amounts of milk. The metabolic load on the cow's system can be very high and could readily become stressful if management is out of tune with high genetic capability. This meeting considered the phenomenon of metabloic stress in dairy cows, encouraging the active exchange of information and ideas amongst those involved in the science and practice of animal production and to consider practical evidence for metabolic stress, research into genetic, physiological, immunological, behavioural and reproductive phenomena which may be associated with metabolic loads and the options which might be used in practice to ameliorate the metabloic stress.

Edited by J D Oldham, G Simm, A F Groen, B L Nielsen, J E Pryce and T L J Lawrence
Occasional publication 24

BSAS (1999) 214/pp
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