Kevin Shingfield Award

Kevin Shingfield Award


The Kevin Shingfield award offers undergrads or post-grads, specialising in livestock or aquaculture, funding to attend the BSAS Annual Conference from 30th March to 1st April.

The winning student would be expected to produce a short review article on a theme or topic of their choice from the conference, with particular reference to either livestock and/or aquaculture.

This Competition is open to both members and non-members of the BSAS.

Review of Competition entries

Applications to the Kevin Shingfield award will be assessed based on the application form.

In making its decision, the selection panel will consider the relevance of the students work and the extent to which they will benefit from attending the BSAS conference.

Reporting requirements

The award holder will be required to submit a short review article to both the KTN and BSAS following their attendance, which focuses on a theme or topic of their choice from the conference, relating to livestock and/or aquaculture and addresses big challenges in our society or that are being faced by industry. The review article will be publicised on the BSAS and KTN websites.


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What is the prize?

The award, worth up to £1,000, to cover attendance and accommodation for the duration of the 2020 BSAS annual conference. It will also include one year’s BSAS membership.

How do I apply?

The award is open to applicants from all branches of animal science who are either at under-graduate or post-graduate stages of their careers. Applications are accepted from both BSAS members and non-members. Please complete the application form and return to by the application deadline.

Who was Kevin Shingfield?

A major part of Kevin’s work was training the next generation of students to work in our sector whether at science, industry, education or policy fronts.  Kevin instilled the key principles of conducting scientifically excellent research, which is relevant to big challenges in our society to his many students. Through this award we aim to honour those principles and Kevin’s passion for animal science and his drive to improve the lives of animals, farmers and keepers who depend on them.

Kevin, who was Professor of Nutritional Physiology at Aberystwyth University, passed away suddenly at the age of 48 in September 2016.

General Criteria

The Award is aimed at providing opportunities for under-graduates and post-graduates who excel in conducting scientifically excellent research to attend the annual BSAS Conference.  This year the award is sponsored by the Knowledge Transfer Network.

  • This scheme is open to both BSAS members and non-members who are currently an under or post-graduate
  • The monies will help fund attendance at the BSAS Annual Conference.
  • The applicant should include letters of support from their current place of employment/study
  • This is an annual award, with only one fellow awarded per year. If applications fail to reach desired quality then the selection committee may choose not to award.
  • The funding available is up to £1000 dependant of the location and travel requirement of the award recipient to enable attendance at the conference.
  • Application process will include application form, CV and after initial short listing, referees may be contacted. Telephone interviews may be required to separate candidates.
  • Upon completion, the successful fellow will be required to present their outcomes of the award, submitting a short review article to both the KTN and BSAS following their attendance, which focuses on a theme or topic of their choice from the conference, relating to livestock and/or aquaculture. The review article will be published on the BSAS and KTN websites.
  • BSAS and KTN must be acknowledged in all presentations and publications associated with the award.


The BSAS Awards Committee will consider applications, after the 10th February deadline and thereafter applicants will be notified of their decision within 2 weeks.  Feedback on an individual candidate’s application provided on request of the individual. However, general information on the numbers of applicants and success rate of applications and the names of the successful applicants may be made available in BSAS newsletters/website. All information provided in the application will be treated as confidential. It will only be used by, and made available to, the committee assessing the Scholarships in accordance with Data Protection.

Applications will be judged on the criteria set out below, using the information provided by the applicant on the scholarship application form together with the information contained in the supporting documentation (CV). The referee named in the application may be contacted to help with the judging process. Each application is judged on its own merits but the criteria used will include:-

  • Originality & Innovation - Assessing how original and innovative the application is. The expected advances in knowledge to arise from the award (scientific merit, benefit to the animal science industry, likelihood of success in the case of short research programme).
  • Applicant Benefit - The likely benefits to the individuals in terms of career progression.
  • Value for money - Including (i) are the costings/timetable sensible given the application (ii) is the applicant “adding value” to the application (e.g., undertaking a visit to a relevant local research group before/after a conference).
  • Application Quality - Quality and presentation of the overall application, qualifications and individual merits of candidate

Candidates will be scored out of 5 (1 poor, 5 excellent) in each of these 4 categories and the scores of the judging group collated. Applicants must score a minimum of 12 (out of 20) to be short-listed for an award. The judging group may give an award to multiple candidates, funds permitting. The amounts awarded to candidates may not be the full amounts requested. In the case of a potential conflict of the interest for a member of the judging group (e.g., academic supervisor of a candidate), their votes will be discarded. Any application that fails to meet the criteria of the awards set out in this document will not be considered.

  • Applicants may only apply for one Award with the same project/proposal.
  • Monies may not be used to purchase capital equipment.
  • All successful applicants must provide a short review article following the attendance at the BSAS Conference (to be received by Friday 3rd July 2020).
  • Full monies will be provided only on successful completion of the report.
  • Full monies will be provided only based on the submission of valid receipts. These receipts must not have been submitted elsewhere.
  • BSAS and KTN must be acknowledged in all presentations and publications.

Kevin Shingfield Award Application Form