Animal Briefs

Is dairy good for you?

10 Oct 2012

With increasing levels of obesity and an aging population in the UK, the risk of cardiovascular disease and its potential… more

Wild-flower meadows

09 Oct 2012

Wild-flower meadows are semi-natural grasslands that have been created by long-term, low-intensity farming practices. Semi-natural grasslands contains mixtures of grasses,… more

Methane from ruminant livestock

09 Oct 2012

Livestock farming is responsible for 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Methane produced by ruminants (animals with a four-part… more

Hormones in meat

15 Sep 2012

The UK imports about 30% of its meat. Some is from the EU, but a large amount is from countries… more


01 Feb 2012

Bracken is a problem for livestock farmers in many parts of the UK. It reduces grassland productivity by spreading and… more

Continuous housing of dairy cows

15 Oct 2011

Interest in keeping dairy cows indoors comes from developments in animal genetics, health and nutrition, which have contributed to a… more