Title First name Last name Designation Specialisms
Mrs Lorna Cameron Animal Scientist (Certified) Rider Performance; Equestrian Performance Management; Equine Science
Dr Frank Campion Animal Scientist (Associate) Livestock Feeding and Nutrition; Sheep; Grassland and Grazing
Dr Ciara Carberry Animal Technologist (Certified) Molecular Biology; Rumen Microbiology
Dr Dammika Carr Animal Technologist (Certified) Specialisms, Climate Smart Agriculture; Food Security; Agriculture Value Chain Analysis
Dr Alistair Carson Animal Scientist (Certified) Livestock science; Knowledge transfer; University Teaching
Dr Mizeck Chagunda Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal Breeding and Genetics; Quantitative Analysis and Modelling; Dairy
Dr ABDUL CHAUDHRY Animal Scientist (Certified) Livestock Feeding and Nutrition; Experimental Design and Analysis; Food and Environment
Dr Long (Paul) Cheng Animal Scientist (Certified) nitrogen metabolism in ruminant, grazing management, nitrogen pollution management
Dr John Chesworth Animal Scientist (Certified) Ruminant Nutrition
Dr Sife Chikunya Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal nutrition; Experimental design & Analysis; Research Management
Mrs Alison Christie Animal Technologist (Associate) Administration; Book keeping; Organisation
Mr Achilleas Christou Animal Scientist (Associate) Forages; Microbiology; Food security
Dr Rachel Clifton Animal Scientist (Associate) Lameness in sheep; Molecular microbiology
Dr Michael Cockram Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal Welfare
Mr Mike Coffey Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal Breeding; Genomics
Dr Joanne Conington Animal Scientist (Certified) Quantitative Genetic Analysis; Livestock Science
Dr Jessica Cooke Animal Technologist (Certified) Young Ruminants; Livestock Feeding and Nutrition
Ms Selin Cooper Animal Scientist (Associate) Veterinary epidemiology; Mastitis
Prof Nicolae Corcionivoschi Animal Scientist (Certified) Microbiology; Poultry; Food Security
Mrs Aimee-Louise Craig Animal Scientist (Associate) Pig Nutrition & Management
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This Public Register gives member’s details as follows:

Designation: Certified (Professional level), or Associate (early career). Scientist (seeker of knowledge), or Technologist (user of knowledge).

Descriptor: The main area of professional activity or employment sector.

Specialisms: Those specific disciplines or species where the member has particular competences.

The Register: Assures professional competence and status; gives national and international recognition to skills, knowledge and experience; supports career development; increases opportunities to share knowledge and expert opinion.

Members have agreed to: Fulfill the expectations for Continuing Professional Development; maintain their professional competencies and conduct as expected of Professional members of the Register and maintain the standards of the profession.