Title First name Last name Designation Specialisms
Dr Ian Wellock Animal Scientist (Certified) Nutrition; Pig
Miss Alexandra Wesker Animal Technologist (Associate) Nutrition; Equine
Dr Stephen Whelan Animal Scientist (Certified) Ruminant Animal Nutrition; Livestock Production Systems; Pasture Based Livestock Systems
Dr Gavin White Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal Production; Livestock Feeding and Nutrition
Prof Colin Whittemore Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal Science; Research Management and Direction; Nutrition of Pigs
Mr David Wilde Animal Scientist (Certified) Ruminant Nutrition and Feeding; Ruminant Behaviour & Welfare; Forage Utilisation & Management.
Dr Mike Wilkinson Animal Scientist (Certified) Livestock and environment; Grass and forage; Animal nutrition; Milk and meat production; Research management
Dr Peter Williams Animal Scientist (Certified) Biofuels; Nutrition & Livestock Feeding; Research
Ms Kezia Williamson Animal Technologist (Associate) Knowledge Transfer; Research facilitation & management; Innovation
Dr Zoë Willis Animal Scientist (Associate) Microbiology; Epidemiology; Sheep
Mr Julian Wiseman Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal Science; Nutrition; Meat
Dr Basil Wolf Animal Scientist (Certified) Genetics (Animal Breeding); Livestock Management and Systems
Dr Ruth Wonfor Animal Scientist (Associate) Knowledge Exchange
Dr Jeff Wood Animal Scientist (Certified) Livestock Product Quality ; Meat
Dr Stephanie Wood Animal Technologist (Certified) Equine; Nutrition; Product Development
Dr Claire Wylie Animal Scientist (Certified) Equine; Veterinary Epidemiology
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This Public Register gives member’s details as follows:

Designation: Certified (Professional level), or Associate (early career). Scientist (seeker of knowledge), or Technologist (user of knowledge).

Descriptor: The main area of professional activity or employment sector.

Specialisms: Those specific disciplines or species where the member has particular competences.

The Register: Assures professional competence and status; gives national and international recognition to skills, knowledge and experience; supports career development; increases opportunities to share knowledge and expert opinion.

Members have agreed to: Fulfill the expectations for Continuing Professional Development; maintain their professional competencies and conduct as expected of Professional members of the Register and maintain the standards of the profession.