Title First name Last name Designation Specialisms
Dr Virgilio Ambriz-Vilchis Animal Scientist (Associate) Livestock Feeding and Nutrition; Animal Production
Mr Derek Armstrong Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal Disease; Zoonoses; Livestock; Dairy
Mrs Kirsty Aspinall Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal Production; Animal Management
Dr Spiridoula Athanasiadou Animal Scientist (Certified) Health and Wellbeing; Disease; Livestock
Mr Muhammad Azhar Animal Scientist (Associate) Poultry Nutrition and Production
Dr Nia Ball Animal Scientist (Certified) Research Management and Direction; Livestock
Miss Agnese Balzani Animal Scientist (Associate) Animal Production; Pigs
Miss Daria Baran Animal Scientist (Associate) Cattle wearables, beef and dairy welfare, Behaviour
Dr Emma Baxter Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal Welfare and Behaviour; Pigs
Dr Mary Baxter Animal Scientist (Certified) Research; Broiler chickens; Animal behaviour and welfare
Dr Nuhu Bello Animal Scientist (Associate) Nutrition; Animal production
Dr Nicola Blackie Animal Scientist (Certified) Dairy; Livestock Management and Systems; Welfare
Dr Jenna Bowen Animal Scientist (Associate) Biology; Livestock
Ms Nicola Bowers Animal Technologist (Associate) Pig Health and Welfare
Ms Bethany Bradshaw Animal Technologist (Associate) Equine instruction
Dr Alex Brown Animal Scientist (Associate) Genetics; Quantitative Analysis
Dr Christopher Browne Animal Scientist (Certified) Microbiology; Disease; Pigs
Dr Lutz Bunger Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal breeding; Molecular genetics; Computed tomography
Mr Gary Burgess Animal Scientist (Associate) Laboratory Animal Models, Animal Diseases, Zoonoses
Dr Emily Burton Animal Scientist (Certified) Poultry Nutrition & Gut Health; Nutritional Value of Feeds
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This Public Register gives member’s details as follows:

Designation: Certified (Professional level), or Associate (early career). Scientist (seeker of knowledge), or Technologist (user of knowledge).

Descriptor: The main area of professional activity or employment sector.

Specialisms: Those specific disciplines or species where the member has particular competences.

The Register: Assures professional competence and status; gives national and international recognition to skills, knowledge and experience; supports career development; increases opportunities to share knowledge and expert opinion.

Members have agreed to: Fulfill the expectations for Continuing Professional Development; maintain their professional competencies and conduct as expected of Professional members of the Register and maintain the standards of the profession.