Title First name last namesort descending Designation Descriptor Specialisms Email
Dr Mohammed Abdulrashid Animal Scientist (Associate) Research Student Animal Nutrition & Physiology; Rabbits; Poultry manarzh@gmail.com
Dr Oluyinka Abejide Animal Scientist (Associate) Research Student Animal Breeding; Quantitative Genetics and Genomics; Veterinary Medicine oluyinka.abejide@sruc.ac.uk
Dr Angel Abuelo Sebio Animal Scientist (Associate) Veterinary Research and Teaching Dairy; Health and Wellbeing; Livestock Feeding and Nutrition abuelo@msu.edu
Dr Oluwagbemiga Adeleye Animal Scientist (Certified) Teaching and Training Animal Production; Animal Welfare gbengamcf@yahoo.co.uk
Dr Akinyele Adesehinwa Animal Scientist (Certified) Swine Research Pig Nutrition; Monogastric Livestock Production Systems; Livestock Research and Technology Transfer aokadesehinwa@yahoo.com
Dr Helen Ajayi Animal Scientist (Certified) Research; Teaching and Training Livestock feeding and Nutrition; Poultry; Animal production. hajayi@biu.edu.ng
Dr Kemi Akande Animal Scientist (Certified) Teaching and Training Livestock Feeding and Nutrition kemi777akande@gmail.com
Miss Diana Allen Animal Technologist (Certified) Consultancy Ruminant nutrition; Dairy Cow Welfare; Livestock Management and Systems diana@qnm.ltd.uk
Dr Virgilio Ambriz-Vilchis Animal Scientist (Associate) Research; Veterinary Livestock Feeding and Nutrition; Animal Production virgilio.ambriz@sruc.ac.uk
Mr Derek Armstrong Animal Scientist (Certified) Research & Development; Knowledge Transfer Animal Disease; Zoonoses; Livestock; Dairy derek.armstrong@ahdb.org.uk
Mrs Kirsty Aspinall Animal Scientist (Certified) Teaching and Training Animal Production; Animal Management kaspinall@myerscough.ac.uk
Dr Spiridoula Athanasiadou Animal Scientist (Certified) Research Health and Wellbeing; Disease; Livestock spiridoula.athanasiadou@sruc.ac.uk
Dr Nia Ball Animal Scientist (Certified) Government (National) Research Management and Direction; Livestock nia.ball@gov.scot
Miss Agnese Balzani Animal Scientist (Associate) Research Student Animal Production; Pigs agnese.bal@gmail.com
Dr Emma Baxter Animal Scientist (Certified) Research Animal Welfare and Behaviour; Pigs emma.baxter@sruc.ac.uk
Dr Nuhu Bello Animal Scientist (Associate) Student; Teaching and Training Nutrition; Animal production nuhubello2003@gmail.com
Dr Nicola Blackie Animal Scientist (Certified) Teaching and Training Dairy; Livestock Management and Systems; Welfare nicola.blackie@writtle.ac.uk
Dr Jenna Bowen Animal Scientist (Associate) Research Student Biology; Livestock jenna.bowen@sruc.ac.uk
Ms Bethany Bradshaw Animal Technologist (Associate) Equine Industry Equine instruction bradshawbh@gmail.com
Miss Maxime Brooks bs14m3b@leeds.ac.uk