Title First name Last name Designation Specialisms
Mr MARTIN MULHOLLAND Animal Technologist (Certified) Dairy building design, dirty water and slurry nutrient management, dairy herd fertility management
Ms Laura Salazar Animal Scientist (Associate) Veterinarian; behaviourist; research
Miss Pippa Handley Animal Technologist (Certified) Dissemination of agricultural science (livestock pigs), production animal research management
Miss Kerry Hill Animal Scientist (Associate) Animal training; animal behaviour; animal welfare
Mr George Peart Animal Technologist (Associate) Animal Breeding, Livestock Production, Knowledge Exchange
Mr Gareth Foulkes Animal Technologist (Associate) Animal Nutrition ; Canine Behaviour
Dr Alex Desbruslais Animal Scientist (Associate) NSPases in poultry diets
Dr Marianne Freeman Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal Behaviour and Welfare; Companion, Zoo and Wild Animals
Kaya East Animal Scientist (Associate)
Dr Mohammed Abdulrashid Animal Scientist (Associate) Animal Nutrition & Physiology; Rabbits; Poultry
Dr José-Alfonso Abecia Animal Scientist (Certified) Sheep production; Reproduction; Precision Livestock Farming
Dr Akinyele Adesehinwa Animal Scientist (Certified) Pig Nutrition; Monogastric Livestock Production Systems; Livestock Research and Technology Transfer
Dr Helen Inikpi Ajayi Animal Scientist (Certified) Livestock feeding and Nutrition; Poultry; Animal production.
Dr Kemi Akande Animal Scientist (Certified) Livestock Feeding and Nutrition
Mrs Diana Allen Animal Technologist (Certified) Ruminant nutrition; Dairy Cow Welfare; Livestock Management and Systems
Mr Derek Armstrong Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal Disease; Zoonoses; Livestock; Dairy
Ms Kirsty Aspinall Animal Scientist (Certified) Animal Production; Animal Management
Dr Nia Ball Animal Scientist (Certified) Research Management and Direction; Livestock
Miss Daria Baran Animal Scientist (Associate) Cattle wearables, beef and dairy welfare, Behaviour
Dr Mary Baxter Animal Scientist (Certified) Research; Broiler chickens; Animal behaviour and welfare
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This Public Register gives member’s details as follows:

Designation: Certified (Professional level), or Associate (early career). Scientist (seeker of knowledge), or Technologist (user of knowledge).

Descriptor: The main area of professional activity or employment sector.

Specialisms: Those specific disciplines or species where the member has particular competences.

The Register: Assures professional competence and status; gives national and international recognition to skills, knowledge and experience; supports career development; increases opportunities to share knowledge and expert opinion.

Members have agreed to: Fulfill the expectations for Continuing Professional Development; maintain their professional competencies and conduct as expected of Professional members of the Register and maintain the standards of the profession.