Continuing professional development

To maintain accreditation, members must carry out a programme of continued professional development each year.  This programme must relate to learning and career development (not to already learnt professional activities).  Log in to your 'My account' page (log in is top right of BSAS page) from where you can access your CPD record files.

Members must accrue at least 50 credits each year by taking part in a range of activities including:

  • Work-based learning (maximum 40% of credit points)
  • Professional activity involving learning (maximum 40% of credit points)
  • Formal training courses and educational programmes (maximum 60% of credit points)
  • Self-directed learning (maximum 20% of credit points)
  • Other (maximum 20% of credit points)

Members will select their own CPD programmes as appropriate to their own particular Designation (Scientist or Technologist), Level (Associate or Certified), Descriptor (Principal professional activity), and named Specialisms, all as already identified on the Accreditation Register. These programmes may be provided by any appropriate organisations, in-house or extra-mural. It is important that on the CPD record members provide means for verification (dates, times, organisers, email addresses etc). CPD programmes are also provided by BSAS through its annual and occasional meetings and training workshops. Members can choose to accrue points through other societies and organisations as appropriate to their Competencies and Specialisms.

Maintaining your CPD record

Members must maintain their CPD record using the BSAS / RSB on-line system especially set up for the purpose. Members will be given access to their CPD recording scheme when they are entered upon the Register for the first time. The CPD suite of files is accessed through members’ ‘My account’ page on the BSAS website which was set up at the point of application.

For each activity area, the record should give:

  • A brief definition of the type of work undertaken
  • Date
  • Number of hours accumulated for each activity
  • A description of what was entailed and how it was beneficial
  • Evidence of the work having been undertaken.

If you have any questions or need further information, email