Students to learn the art of effective communication at special student day

Student scientists can learn how to communicate their research effectively and brush up on their presentation skills thanks to a special student workshop at the 2017 BSAS Annual Conference.

Hosted by the BSAS Student Council, the annual Student Day event will see experts in knowledge exchange and scientific communications give their tips on how to share information in a way which best communicates with an audience.Students at BSAS' 2016 Student Day

Speakers will include Jenny Gibbons of AHDB Dairy, who will give a presentation on sharing information with farmers, as well as advice on how to speak to people who don’t work in science.

Members of the BSAS Student Council will also share their experiences on how they have used communications skills during their PhDs.

The second half of the event will include a special interactive voice coaching session, hosted by Professor Andy Kempe from the University of Reading.

Held at the University of Chester on Tuesday 25 April - the day before the start of the BSAS Annual Conference - the event is part of the Student Council’s free programme of events for student members of BSAS. 

During the day delegates will be able to have their say in deciding the theme of the Council’s next ‘hot topic’ event, which is set to take place in the autumn.

Student Council chairman Anna Thompson said the latest workshop would help attendees develop skills which would be vital throughout their careers.

“Enabling students to be effective communicators is key, as they are the ambassadors for animal science in the future,” she said.

“Through fun activities like voice training, which teaches you how to use your voice and body language to the best effect, students will learn the fundamentals to becoming good communicators.

“What’s more it will give people the chance to learn new skills - especially if they haven't ever had to present or speak to groups before - which will boost their confidence in the spotlight.”