Student Council Stats Course gets 2017 off to bright start

The BSAS Student Council got off to a flying start in 2017 with the delivery of its popular R stats course at Leeds University.
Led by Student Council tutors and postgrads Fanny Pandolfi from Newcastle and Rachel Clifton from Warwick, the course saw eight enthusiastic participants from across the UK take part in a practical two-day course at the university's Biological Sciences Department.

BSAS Stats Course participantsHeld each year, the course assumes no knowledge of stats or R, so it is an easy route into using stats. As R is a free piece of software and very flexible, it is a useful package to get to grips with.  

As well as the technical work everyone on the course enjoyed a BSAS-funded evening meal so that they could network and exchange experiences. 

Tutor Fanny said: “R is a really useful stats package that all those writing dissertations would benefit from. It’s also useful for anyone needing to better understand stats when reading scientific papers. 

“The way we teach is very practical and involves lots of ‘doing’ so it’s very much that everyone learns at their own speed with their own data that they can then take away to use into any research studies.”

The next stats course will run in Sept 2017, so if you are interested please contact the BSAS Student Council as soon as possible, as due to the intensive tutoring approach of the course places are always restricted. 

The next Student Council event is at Chester on April 25, when a series of tutors will cover communications topics including how to talk to non-scientists, interactive voice coaching, careers that involve communications and improving the impact of your research.  

The event is free for BSAS members. See for more information.