Science-led developments in farming to be focus of special industry workshops

The ways emerging animal science and technologies can be applied on-farm are set to come under the spotlight during special industry sessions being held at this year’s BSAS Annual Conference.

Experts in a range of fields including policy, feed and nutrition, pig production and cattle breeding will examine the emerging challenges and opportunities facing the livestock industry, and discuss how the latest developments in science could help the sector develop.

Taking place during the society’s annual conference at the University of Chester on 26 and 27 April, the sessions will be relevant to people across the sector, including farmers, researchers and those working in allied industries.

Among the talks, sessions will cover topics including:

Antimicrobial resistance
Growing resistance to antimicrobials is a major issue for UK agriculture, food production and healthcare. This session will bring together three of the country's top brains on the topic to discuss where next for antibiotics and livestock. 

Speakers include:

  • New Antibiotics, New Alternatives: can win the AMR arms race? B Gilmore, Queen's University Belfast  
  • Antimicrobial resistance and its possible impact on sustainable cattle production systems. D C Barrett, University of Bristol 

Enabling technologies

Cutting-edge technology is a key tool for the profitability of innovative producers. This apple session will showcase a number of new and novel techniques farmers can add to their armoury. As well as a number of UK speakers, it will include eight cattle-oriented technical presentations.

Speakers include:

  • Development and application of a net feed efficiency estimated breeding value to a commercial population of Stabiliser cattle in the United Kingdom and Ireland. D Pullar, R Fuller, U Taylor, J J Hyslop, Beef Improvement Group, SRUC
  • Greener Pigs: Self-sustaining livestock building for commercial production. S Throup, S A Edwards, N Woolfenden, RAFT Solutions, Newcastle University

Brexit: How to ensure UK animal science and production thrives outside the European Union 

UK and Irish agriculture is facing its biggest challenge in a generation. As the country enters negotiations over leaving the European Union, it's imperative government understands the importance of the livestock sector, and what is needed to ensure it remains competitive in the global market.

Join BSAS as it debates the future of livestock science and production outside the EU, and tell it what you think the society should do to help influence it.

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