Precision farming event to focus on livestock farming developments

Developments in precision livestock agriculture are set to come under the spotlight at a special event showcasing the UK and Europe’s best new developments in the sector.

Dairy cows grazingPrecision Management of Grassland and Grazing Livestock will hear experts talk on topics ranging from soil and pasture monitoring technologies to smart nutrient systems for grasslands.

It will also include subjects including monitoring systems for grazing livestock, and management of grazing animals.

Held as a satellite meeting of the 11th European Conference on Precision Agriculture (ECPA 2017), the event - taking place at Pollock Halls, Edinburgh on 18 and 19 July - is being run as a joint venture with SRUC.

It is also being supported by organisations including BSAS, AgriEpi Centre, ECPA, British Grassland Society, Irish Grassland Association, Soil Essentials, Newcaslte University and the AHDB.

ECPA is currently inviting people to submit offered papers across a range of precision livestock subjects, which will be published in an online journal. The deadline for submissions is Saturday 1 April 2017.

BSAS senior vice president and conference organiser Richard Dewhurst, said: “There have been huge strides in precision agriculture in recent years, but much of that focus has been on how the technology can assist arable production.

“This satellite meeting will look at how some of the approaches that have been adopted by the arable sector, as well as others being developed, can be applied in livestock production.

“As well as looking at tools for soil and nutrient monitoring, the event will focus on the management grazing animals, to understand how these innovative new technologies can help livestock producers everywhere.”

About ECPA 2017

ECPA 2017 is the premier precision farming event of the year, bringing livestock and crops specialists together at one conference to discuss the impact of innovative new technologies and equipment on agriculture.

Delegates for ECPA2017 (core programme, Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 July inclusive) and the Grassland and Grazing programme (Tuesday 18 to Wednesday 18 inclusive)  will have access to both conference programmes and exhibit areas for their respective periods of registration. 

The aim is to provide cross-fertilisation, networking and communication opportunities for those working in precision land management.