GenTORE stakeholder survey aims to support resilient and efficient cattle production across Europe


As part of the EU-wide GenTORE project (, a survey is conducted with the aim of supporting resilient and efficient cattle production across Europe. We are interested in the opinions of all stakeholders in European cattle systems, at all levels. The combined results of this survey may inform future genetic improvement strategies that are more appropriate for users and stakeholders. We hope you can spare some time to contribute your valuable thoughts to this survey.

There are many challenges facing cattle production across Europe, stemming from environmental, economic and social sources. In order to remain competitive, cattle and cattle enterprises must be resilient to these challenges and maintain efficient production. Resilient cattle will survive and continue to reproduce in the face of these challenges (such as disease, weather extremes, changes in consumer demand, etc.). Efficient cattle will be highly productive (in terms of meat, milk, offspring, etc.), but will require minimal inputs. We are interested in your opinion of which cattle traits will best prepare cattle and cattle enterprises to be resilient and efficient in the face of future challenges. Your opinion will depend on which challenges you think will be most important to the future of cattle production in your region of Europe.

Participation in this survey is appreciated. If you are interested, please follow the link below. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes. The survey will close on 12th April 2019:

Aggregated results will be available on the project website in mid-2019. Additionally, a summary of results will be made available at your request. Contact details will be found in the Consent section.

Participation is anonymous, voluntary, and all data is kept in compliance with GDPR regulations. This questionnaire is part of a PhD project.