Early Career Council widens BSAS support for young scientists


BSAS’s Student Council has changed its name to reflect its work in supporting young scientists beyond their degrees and into the early stages of their working life.

Now known as the BSAS Early Careers Council, the committee aims to provide animal scientists in academia and beyond with skills, training and support to help them succeed in their chosen fields.

It also aims to provide networking opportunities to young scientists to help them meet like-minded colleagues and potentially help them take the next steps in their careers.

ECC chairman Zoë Willis said: “We decided to change the name to Early Career Council as we wanted to continue providing this diverse and supportive networking platform to animal scientists beyond their PhD as they develop their career. 

“We aim to make our workshops applicable to post-PhD animal scientists too but, being called a 'student' body, we felt this name may be discouraging. 

“We want a group that is inclusive of animal scientists from degree level through to post-PhD whether they decide to go into industry or academia.”

The ECC offers early career animal scientists the opportunity to be part of a team developing workshops, organising events and boosting the profile of BSAS within educational establishments.

“It’s a great way of working on different communication skills such as attracting new members and keeping animal scientists at your university or college up-to-date on BSAS news and events whilst growing your own network,” Zoë added.

“I have found that just meeting new people to be one of the most rewarding and informative aspects of the society and the ECC.”

If you are a student and would like to represent your university or college in the Early Careers Committee, then email earlycareerscouncil@bsas.org.uk