Chance to win £5000 in BSAS Early Career Award

BSAS members in the early stages of their career are being given the chance to win up to £5000 thanks to a special award which aims to help boost their skills and knowledge. 

The Steve Bishop Early Career Award is aimed at postgraduate researchers and those wishing three years of a postgraduate degree to fund the costs of research and training opportunities in the UK and overseas. ​

The award - named after former BSAS senior vice president and leading animal geneticist Steve Bishop who passed away in 2015 - aims to help young scientists improve their knowledge in their chosen scientific field, whilst boosting their CV.

The funding is available to cover projects in any animal science topic, and the amount will depend on the length of the project or travel being undertaken.

As a guide recipients could receive:

  • a maximum of £2,000 for projects up to 6 weeks
  • a maximum of £3,000 for projects up to 3 months
  • a maximum of £5,000 for projects up to 6 months

Applications for grants must be submitted to BSAS by Wednesday 28 February.

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