RSPCA/BSAS Award for Innovative Developments in Animal Welfare

This annual award is for innovative developments in animal welfare.  The award is for a person or group whose work has done most to promote the cause of farm animal welfare.

The judges will be looking for advancement in providing one or more the following freedoms:

  • comfort and shelter
  • freedom from hunger and thirst
  • freedom of movement
  • the company of other animals, particularly of like kind
  • the opportunity to exercise most normal patterns of behaviour
  • the prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment of vice, injury, parasitic infestation and disease
  • the avoidance of unnecessary mutilation

The winners receive a trophy and certificate to be retained by the winner.

Nominations must be emailed to Maggie Mitchell, Chief Executive, by 31 December.

RSPCA/BSAS Awards 1989-2019