Murray Black Award

Dr Murray Black was BSAS’s longest serving Treasurer  until his sudden passing in 1999.  Throughout his career Murray  was instrumental in  implementing innovative changes which are standard practice now, forward creep grazing, sheep housing, and sheep breed improvement.  His major achievement (with Bob Thomas) was in relation to clean grazing as a major solution to the parasitic cycle of intestinal  parasites in sheep.  In 1964 Murray moved to the Agricultural Institute in Dublin to manage their R&D farms.  In 1970 he came to the Edinburgh School of Agriculture as Farms Director serving both the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Agricultural College.  In this role, Murray was involved in modernising and making profitable a large farms estate.   He was also an influential member of the Farm Animal Welfare Council.   Murray’s many achievements were recognized by his period as a reforming President of the British Society of Animal Science, by the award of an MBE in 1996 for services in agriculture and education, and by a fellowship for the Royal Agricultural Societies in 1996.  His scientific interests were in sheep production, animal welfare and the environment.  

The award will be made annually to members of the Society who may be postgraduate students or in the early years of their animal science careers (less than 2 years post PhD or MSc).
This award recognises Murray Black’s excellent contribution to BSAS and animal science research.

The award is open to all branches of animal science and particularly welcomes proposals that cover the role of domestic and wild animals and their science in the enhancement and maintenance of the rural environment.

The award is focused on participation in research or undertaking a specific short research programmes or other relevant activities that would enhance skills and experiences.  The award may be used to add value to existing PhD or masters programmes through additional work.  Applicants can seek support to travel to work at places away from their base.  The award cannot be used to part fund PhD or MSc programmes or make up unplanned funding shortfalls in relation to any existing main project.

The size of each award will be based on the quality and type of application but will normally be in the range of £500 to £1,500.  

Date for submissions: 30th April each year (open to BSAS members only).

Download application form     -  Report to be completed by successful applicants 

Murray Black Awards 2001-2017