Kevin Shingfield Award

An award for excellence in postgraduate science

‘Kevin Shingfield Postgraduate Award’ - a postgraduate prize for the 20 research organisations and universities which are part of the society’s Academia Association. The prizes will be awarded to the best postgraduate students selected from each member organisation.

Kevin, who was Professor of Nutritional Physiology at Aberystwyth University, passed away suddenly at the age of 48 in September 2016.

A major part of Kevin’s work was training the next generation of students to work in our sector whether at science, industry, education or policy fronts.  Kevin instilled the key principles of conducting scientifically excellent research, which is relevant to big challenges in our society to his many students. Through this new award we aim to honour those principles and Kevin’s passion for animal science and his drive to improve the lives of animals, farmers and keepers who depend on them.


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