Biosciences KTN and BSAS Vacation Scholarships

BSAS and the Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network provides four annual Vacation Scholarships aimed at undergraduates interested in a career in animal biosciences research.

The Vacation Scholarships are intended to provide promising undergraduates with hands-on experience of research during the summer vacation and to encourage them to consider a career in research.

Scholarships are available for between 6 and 8 weeks and carry a stipend of £200 per week. The scheme aims to provide practical work experience in an environment that will match the student’s area of study or interests.

Who can apply?

UK Research Institutes and Universities that have active research groups working in animal biosciences can apply to host a vacation scholarship. The project must be in the field of animal biosciences. The host institution will receive a grant of £2500 (including any applicable VAT) from BSAS to cover student salary (approx. £1600) and project costs (approx. £900).

Organisations allocated an award will be responsible for recruiting the student including any costs of advertising. It is not necessary to have identified a student at the time of application, but if a student has indicated an interest, then details of the student may be provided at the time of application.

How to apply?

Full details of the KTN/BSAS Summer 2015 Vacation Scholarship Awards can be found here. Supervisors from institutions should complete the employer application form and submit it to

Deadline for applications

Find out more by visiting the Biosciences KTN website or emailing

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