Alan Robertson Fund for Animal Genetics

This award is aimed at those interested in animal genetics, helping them to attend the World Congress in Genetics Applied Livestock Production (WCGALP).

Applications should reflect areas of current or future interest that will advance research and education in the application of genetics to livestock production.

The conference is held every four years; therefore, awards will only be presented prior to each WCGALP conference (2022, 2026, 2030 and so on).

Successful applicants will be required to provide a poster/1 page abstract for the BSAS website following completion of activity.

What is the prize?

Up to £4000. The prize fund can be awarded to a single applicant or divided between a number of successful applicants dependent on the quality of submissions.

How do I apply?

This scholarship is open to both members and non-members of BSAS.

Application Deadline

Application deadline date will be updated once WCGALP dates are announced, but will be approximately three months prior to the conference. 

Who was Alan Robertson?

Alan Robertson was a population geneticist and was a major influence in the widespread adoption of artificial insemination of cattle and on estimating genetic effects that influence quantitative traits.

He spent most of his working life based at the National Animal Breeding and Genetics Research Organisation in Edinburgh as a member of the Unit of Animal Genetics where he worked on improving dairy cattle using mathematical and statistical methods to devise the most effective breeding programmes. 

Alan made original contributions to the theory of genetic change in small populations and introduced a theory of limits to artificial selection, a combination of mathematical insight and quantitative genetic principles in a practical context.


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Alan Robertson 1992-2017