Frequently Asked Questions

Why is animal science important?

Securing world food supplies is more important than ever before.

Global populations are expected to hit 8bn by 2050, meaning food production has to be looked at seriously if people are going to have healthy, nutritious diets.

Productive farmland is coming under threat due to climate change and the need to house more people, while the planet’s resources are diminishing, meaning farmers have to find new ways to produce food.

At the same time, livestock are becoming an increasingly important source of nutrition around the world, with demand for meat products predicted to double in the first half of this century.

The British Society of Animal Science can make a significant contribution to these areas by sharing discoveries in research and techniques and by providing practical knowledge to farmers about the latest genetics, breeding and production methods.

The Society also has a vital role in advising policy-makers on meeting the challenge of securing food supplies while impacting less on the environment.

Who can join BSAS?

The British Society of Animal Science is open to people with an interest in any aspect of animal science.

Current BSAS members include those working in animal genetics, nutrition, breeding, welfare, the environment, meat quality and animal products.

Members are drawn from research institutes, universities, colleges, advisors, consultants, farmers and the food production industry.

Why should I become a member of BSAS?

Membership of the British Society of Animal Science gives you access to the latest livestock science from across the world.

As well as an online resource of world-leading research, members are automatically subscribed to Animal, a monthly journal detailing the most recent developments in animal science.

Membership also entitles you to discounts at leading industry conferences, including BSAS’ annual conference and you can register for email newsletters to keep you up-to-date in the world of animal science.

The Society also brings you news of the latest job and research opportunities, while its team of industry experts and academics offers support and advice to members where it is needed.

How do I become a member?

Apply online

Full membership costs £90 year, which includes to Animal Science, an online resource of the latest livestock science and research. Membership also includes an electronic copy
of the Animal journal, published monthly. To receive a printed version, membership is £140.

Undergraduates can join for £10 and discounts are available for post-graduates and retired members.