Prof Samuel Martin

Session: Aquaculture


Presentation: Interaction of intestinal microbiome, health and nutrition for finfish production



Sam Martin is a core member of the Scottish Fish Immunology Research Centre at the University of Aberdeen, his research group examines aspects of fish health and immunology that is directly relevant to aquaculture industry. 

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food sectors globally and health management is central to the continued growth of the industry.

Sam’s lab has been at the forefront of high throughput transcriptomic analysis in both Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout, with an emphasis on identifying differentially expressed genes related to immune function.

One focus has been on nutrition, where diets used in fish farming are now far removed from the fish’s natural diet and may have impacts on both intestinal health and systemic health in fish. 

Understanding diet-gut interactions and intestinal homeostasis in farmed fish is important to maximise performance and to ensure that aquaculture continues to be a sustainable source of food for a growing world population. 

Further work we are carrying out has examined the intestinal microbiome of salmon in under different nutritional and environmental conditions.

Sam is also a lead scientist on the UKRI funded Aquaculture Research Collaborative Hub –UK, that is identifying priority areas for future research for both finfish and shell fish aquaculture.