Prof Bruce McGorum

Session: Equine Health and Vet Care


Presentation: Equine grass sickness; an update



Professor Bruce McGorum graduated from the University of Edinburgh as BSc (Veterinary Pathology) in 1983 and BVM&S with Distinction in 1985.

After working for three years in mixed veterinary practice in Buckinghamshire, he returned to Edinburgh as the Horserace Betting Levy Board Resident in Equine Respiratory Diseases.

He was awarded a PhD on equine asthma in 1992, and has continued in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences ever since. He was awarded the Animal Health Trust Veterinary Achievement Award in 2004.

Bruce is currently Professor of Equine Medicine and Head of the Equine Section at the University of Edinburgh. He provides specialist veterinary care for horses referred by practising veterinarians throughout Scotland and Northern England. He teaches under- and post graduate students.

His research focuses on internal medicine, particularly equine pulmonary disease and equine grass sickness.