Dr Mark McGee

Session: Cattle Feed Efficiency


Presentation: New insights into the control of feed efficiency in beef cattle



Dr Mark McGee is a principal research scientist working with Teagasc, Ireland based at the national beef research centre at Grange, in Co. Meath.

The research focus for his Ph.D. was suckler beef cow (& calf) nutrition, immunology and physiology.

He subsequently spent a number of years working in the agri-food industry in a technical capacity.

He then returned to research in Teagasc leading a new programme on the feeding and nutrition of beef cattle, focusing on rumen digestion and nutrient supply from forage-based diets, and strategies for optimal utilization of nutrients consumed by cattle.

His current areas of research include; feed efficiency (residual feed intake and beef genotype comparisons), ruminant nutrition (focusing on nutritive value of concentrate feed by-products and dietary factors affecting nitrogen partitioning in grass-fed cattle), grass-based suckler-bred beef production and finishing systems, genotype and nutritional effects on beef heifer puberty, and calf passive immunity and health.

He has published extensively on various aspects relating to beef cattle production.