Dr Anne Carter

Session: Human Bonds with Companion/Zoo Animals


Presentation: Non-invasive temperature monitoring in domestic species



Dr Anne Carter is a senior lecturer in the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences at Nottingham Trent University, and current course leader of the Animal Biology Honours Degree programme.

Whilst attaining her PhD at Bristol University, her research investigated Canine behaviour and welfare of kennel housed dogs and the impact of enrichment.

Anne is now actively researching alternative methods of temperature monitoring in domestic species, specifically hyperthermia in canine athletes using non-invasive temperature monitoring strategies.

Anne is collaborating on a multi-centre interdisciplinary research project investigating the epidemiology of heat related disorders in UK dogs presenting to primary care practices, alongside colleagues from both NTU and the Royal Veterinary College. She also has a keen interest on kinematics and kinetics in relation to optimising canine athletic performance and pet dog gait.