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*NEW* [Funded]

PhD Studentship - Optimising Pasture-Based Ruminant Production Systems

University of Bristol - School of Veterinary Sciences

Langford, Okehampton, Devon, Somerset

CLOSING DATE: 21st April 2017

Using the rich dataset and state-of-the-art facilities available at Rothamsted Research’s North Wyke Farm Platform (NWFP), this project provides the student with a unique opportunity to investigate options to enhance environmental performance of pasture-based ruminant production systems by the means of economic optimisation. While a stronger emphasis will be placed on sheep production systems (which have been shown to be environmentally less efficient than beef systems in the UK), strategies for optimal resource allocation between the beef and lamb sectors will also be explored as part of the research. Outputs from the project will be directly disseminated to the industry through the large network of commercial farms maintained by AHDB, the levy board for English agricultural producers who sponsors this research.

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*NEW* [Funded]

​PhD Studentship - Identification of barriers to and facilitators for reducing phosphorus losses from UK dairy farms

University of Reading - School of Agriculture, Policy and Development

CLOSING DATE: 31st May 2017

"Phosphorus (P) is an important nutrient for plant and animal growth and has been heavily used in fertilizer and feed supplements to increase crop and animal production globally and in the UK to secure food supply for a growing population. In recent years P use in animal agriculture has been under scrutiny because diffuse P pollution from concentrated animal holdings has come to be considered one of the major contributors to water quality degradation and less diverse aquatic ecosystems (i.e. eutrophication). 

The current project aims to reduce P losses to the environment from UK dairy farms by 1) identifying barriers to reducing P overfeeding to dairy cows, 2) assessing on-farm P imbalances and associated P losses and 3) identifying management strategies to improve on-farm P balance. 

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PgC/PgD/MSc - Aquaculture 
Do you want to develop your technical fish production practice to postgraduate level?  Harper Adams University has developed the first Masters degree in Aquaculture. Further information 



MSc/PGDip Animal Nutrition – University of Nottingham

This new vocational course offers the unique opportunity to study farm, companion and zoo animal nutrition and acquire business skills and an in-depth knowledge of the international animal feed industry. This combination will equip you with the knowledge and skills for working in either research or industry.    Further information



PhDs - Nottingham Trent University
Numerous fully-funded PhD studentship opportunities for 2017 available across a number of schools, including animal, rural and environmental sciences. Closing date for applications is Friday 9 December. For information on individual projects and how to apply, visit the NTU Doctoral School website or